Is Your Check Being Garnished?

In Louisiana, when a creditor gets a judgment against you, they can then ask the court for permission to begin garnishing your paycheck. Creditors can garnish up to 25% of your paycheck after standard deductions. Interest will continue to run on this debt, so it’s possible that your monthly garnishment, if it is not enough, will not cause the underlying debt to go down. The filing of a bankruptcy will stop the wage garnishment immediately and allow you to begin receiving your full paycheck again.

There are many considerations that go into determining whether or not to file bankruptcy, from the amount of debt you have, the amount of income, what assets you have, etc. Bankruptcy can be a useful tool in addressing wage garnishment, vehicle repossession, foreclosure, and many other actions taken by creditors to collect outstanding debts. The filing of a bankruptcy, with almost no exceptions, will stop a garnishment, prevent a creditor from repossessing a vehicle, and stop a foreclosure on your home.

With the right plan, you could be back to receiving your entire paycheck again immediately upon filing a bankruptcy.   Let Hoke Law Firm help you get back to normal and stop the garnishment of your paycheck.